Found A Shelter?

This page will help you if you have discovered an Anderson Shelter in your garden.

First, is the shelter still in its its original wartime location, dug into the ground?  These shelters are quite rare but my home page contains links to photos of the dozen or so shelters that are known to have survived the last 80 years. 

Or was your shelter recycled or re-used after the war - often turned into a garden shed, for instance?  If so, then it is still a very interesting structure, which you might like to preserve.  You can access photos of other recycled shelters via my home page. But please do not send me any further examples.  You might instead like to join the Facebook Group 'Anderson Shelter in your garden'.

The corrugated iron that was used in the war, especially in Anderson Shelters, was significantly thicker (heavier gauge) than that which is manufactured today - around 2mm thick rather than the current 0.7mm.  It can be quite hard to find it these days so:- if you don't want to keep the corrugated iron, please don't throw it away but try to pass it on to others using eBay or Gumtree.   Or maybe try the Facebook Group 'Anderson Shelter in your garden'?


Martin Stanley