Anderson Shelter in Enfield

There is remarkable shelter in Enfield, Middlesex, dug so deep into the ground that it required steps to access it. The current owners of the house discovered it when they bought the house in late 2018.

Here is a general view of the garden. The entrance to the shelter is under the prominent shrub, and the shelter itself is under the flower garden this side of the shrub. It looks as though the earth that was removed to create the shelter was piled up to the left of the shelter.

Here is the well hidden entrance to the shelter. It originally had a metal grill over the top but this is now smothered by the shrub.

This is a photo of the steps leading down into the shelter.

You turn left at the bottom of the stairs to enter the main shelter. A Merino makers mark can still be seen on the corrugated iron.

And an escape hatch can be seen in the far wall of the shelter. Although well underground, this would still have been life-saving if the brick entrance had become blocked.

Why was it built so deep? One can only guess that the house was owned by someone - maybe a builder - with the skill and the time needed to dig so deep and build the entrance steps. And the house was only around 4km from the Enfield Rifle Factory, so the occupants probably though they they would be subject to frequent air raids.


Martin Stanley