Anderson Shelters - Constructiom

Click here to read and download the 1939 Directions for the Erection and Sinking of the Galvanised Corrugated Steel Shelter'.

Every shelter kit was provided with a spanner-tommy bar like this one. After construction, the spanner was kept in the shelter as it might be needed to loosen the clip bolts at the back of the shelter, and so create an emergency exit if the main door was blocked by bomb debris.

But some shelters had a rather better spanner. Al Manton kindly sent me these photos of a swivelling box spanner that he found in an Anderson shelter on his allotment. He commented that "It is not a scaffolders spanner. The box section is stamped 1/2" W & 7/16" W & both sizes correspond with the original 1 1/2" long Whitworth nuts & bolts supplied to fit the shelter together. It has the podging end for aligning sheets, and the advantage when fitted on the bolt hexagon inside the shelter that it can be easily rotated without snagging on the corrugations."

Martin Stanley