Anderson Shelters

This site contains information about surviving World War II Anderson bomb shelters, and about the design and construction of such shelters.

Check out this page if you are interested in rebuilding an Anderson shelter.

Check out this Marketplace if you would like to acquire some corrugated iron, or if you have some that you no longer need.

Please follow the links on the right for information about Anderson shelters' history, and their clever - very strong and durable - design. You can also see ...

There are also sections containing information about Morrison shelters and deep level shelters.

The photo on the left demonstrates the strength of an Anderson shelter in the garden of a house destroyed by a bomb.

Please email Martin Stanley if you have information about shelters not already mentioned on this site, or any other interesting information.

The website of the UK Home Front Group contains lots of further information about life in the UK during the Second World War.